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Text Works

Various and ongoing works that exist primarily as text – and that have been presented as various contexts as self-published booklets, drawings and poems.

Things for People to Do was published in April 2018 in celebration of five years of Rohanne and Paul working together. It is a collection of ideas, proposals and scores for artworks – some of which have since been realised – that Channing Tatum aspire to make (given the time, resources and opportunity). Ambitious, delicious and improbable, these texts are preceeded by five introductions written by friends, peers and mentors.

It's easy to smile is a game of substitution; each moralistic claim ("it's easy to smile") is extended and complicated by the next ("it's fine to be easy"). The poem manifests the circuitous and tangle processes of thinking and doubting that emerge in any ethical decision-making.


The work was first presented at 'Dance Insights', June 2018, Birmingham International Dance Festival. 

Rohanne and Paul were invited to contribute a postcard to Translating Travels (April 2018) a collection of 30 postcards commissioned and curated by the wonderful Imi Maufe as part of her exhibition at Edinburgh Printmakers.


We submitted PLEASE TURN OVER, a double-sided postcard that attempts to complicate and extend this epistolary form.

It's Nice to be Nice was written in May 2017 and first presented at Unspecified Involvements #2, June 2018, in London.

The work exhausts the possible combinations of 'nice', 'mean', 'bold', 'fun' and 'sexy' to form a list of imperatives. Written by hand in pencil, the work takes on the character of the school punishment of writing out lines, as in to drill in this contradictory and searching set of moral imperatives.