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A free and independent choreography school hosted by Channing Tatum, for artists, performers, dancers, doubters, loners and losers across the East Midlands.

Taking place one Sunday each month from March - September 2020.

Only Losers Left Alive

The school will meet for six sessions in Nottingham from Spring to Autumn 2020, to collectively think through movement, embodiment, gesture, space, friction, possibility and pleasure. 


These days will involve guided open movement exercises; time to eat, talk and rest together; and individual and collective research into creating new performance. 


Open to those new to dance as well as weary (wary?) professionals, the school seeks to empower its students in these turbulent times, and to foster curiosity and critical energy in dance, choreography and performance.

The school will culminate in a weekend of public events, performances and discussions.

Please get in touch with Rohanne at or Paul at if you have any questions or concerns.