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Publication. Edited and illustrated publication. 64 pages. 146 x 209mm. Edition of 50. April 2018. 


Featuring original texts by Hamish MacPherson, Jeni Orjeni, Mil Vukovic Smart, Antonio de la Fe, Bettina Fung, Ellen Harris, Timothea Armour, Gernot Wieland, Sophie Huckfield and Collette Rayner.


Available to purchase online here.

A group of artists, writers and performers were invited to write a short essay as footnotes to a single sentence of drawn from another author. 


The ten texts  – scholarly, autobiographical , fictional, associative – adhering to (and ignoring) these strict formal constraints were accompanied by drawings by Rohanne and Paul of each others’ feet.

These texts are great. It was awesome to reach out to peers we admire, with no money and a stupid idea, and not only receive their enthusiasm, but get to see such a diverse range of beautiful, intelligent, witty writing. 

It was also good fun to learn how to illustrate, edit, print and bind a book ourselves. We've still got a few copies – get in touch if you want one!