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w/ Fionn Duffy

Ongoing collaborative work with Fionn Duffy, including performance, video, music and sound work.


Presented at Backlit Gallery (Nottingham) with UKYA in February 2019.

Awarded a research grant from Dance on the Radio December 2017, and a residency at Siobhan Davies Dance (London) July 2018.

FPR Audio (2017-19) is Fionn, Rohanne and Paul’s band through which we cover albums with the highest streaming counts; singing along as we hear them for the first time. Click through to listen to our albums ~, Staying at Sue's, and Half Way Where?

FPR Audio - image credit Sarah Woolf 2.j

Photo by Sarah Woolf


Filibuster (2018) is a 10min single channel video exploring the anxiety, reluctance, authority, pleasure and vulnerability surrounding the choice of whether or not to speak.

Talking Heads (2018) is 12min two-channel video that unfolds through guess-work, misreading and making do.

The Great Fall (2018). A performance in which a cartoonish body falls down a set of stairs, its dis-embodied voice chases it, reproduced through a set of speakers that have decided to take the lift.

Photo by Anja Borowicz