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We upload all of our institutional applications as a publicly-accessible archive. 

School of Waters Biennial, BJCEM (San Marino) Can You Feel It?, January 2020: pdf

1927 Bursary (London, UK) Two Hander, January 2020: pdf

The Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award (London, UK) Two Hander, December 2019: pdf


Allotment Fund, Chisenhale Dance Space (London, UK) Table Dances and Boardroom Games, December 2019: pdf


Development Awards, Bonnie Bird Choreography Fund (UK) Table Dances and Boardroom Games, November 2019 : pdf

Bursary, a-n (UK) Table Dances and Boardroom Games, November 2019: pdf

Amplify Festival, Nottingham Playhouse (Nottingham, UK) Can You Feel it?, October 2019: pdf

Tanzmesse 2020 (Düsseldorf, Germany) This, October 2019: pdf

New Work Fund, Jerwood Arts (London, UK) Two Hander, June 2019: pdf


DIY16 Live Art Development Agency (London, UK) Ghosting, March 2019: pdf

Print: A Catalyst for Social Change, Bury Art Museum (Manchester, UK) Pointing the Finger, February 2019: pdf


Project Grants, Arts Council England (UK) Can You Feel It?, January 2019: pdf


Choreodrome, The Place (London, UK) Can You Feel It?, January 2019: pdf


The Next Thing Award, Bury Art Museum and Sculpture Centre (Bury, UK) Filibuster, November 2018: pdf


Edinburgh Showcase 2019, British Council (UK) This, October 2018: pdf


Sprint 2019, Camden People’s Theatre (London, UK) This, October 2018: pdf


OPEM Residencies, The Collection (Lincoln, UK) Trade, September 2018: pdf


Oops Festival, Swallows Feet (Brighton, UK) This, September 2018: pdf


Developing Your Creative Practice fund, Arts Council England (UK) August 2018: pdf 


Emergency 2018, Word of Warning (Manchester, UK) Empty Gestures, August 2018: pdf


Nottingham Takeover 2019, UK Young Artist (Nottingham, UK) A Pig’s Ear, July 2018: pdf


Residency, Pact Zollverein (Essen, Germany) Can You Feel It?, July 2018: pdf


SPILL Open, SPILL Festival (Ipswich, UK) This, March 2018: pdf


DIY15, Live Art Development Agency (London, UK) In One Ear and Out the Other, March 2018: pdf


CARP 2018, The Civic (Barnsley, UK) Open/Close, March 2018: pdf


Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England (UK) This, February 2018: pdf


Open Choreography Residency, Siobhan Davies Dance (London, UK), Sound art residency, February 2018: pdf


Open Choreography Performance evening, Siobhan Davies Dance (London, UK) This: pdf


Sunday Supplement, Dance4 (Nottingham, UK) This, February 2018: pdf


Open Borders, BBK Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe, Germany) Floorplan, January 2018: pdf


Film Free and Easy, Primary (Nottingham, UK) It’s Out of our Hands, January 2018: pdf


Scratch Night, Derby Theatre (Derby, UK) This, January 2018: pdf


Residency Programme 2018-19, The Art Foundation (Wakefield, UK) Sound Art Residency, January 2018: pdf 


Staged, The Bomb Factory Art Foundation (London, UK) Five-a-Day, January 2018: pdf


Performing Arts Micro Bursaries, Jerwood Charitable Foundation (London, UK) Plus One, January 2018: pdf


TAPRA Postgraduate Symposium, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (London, UK) This, January 2018: pdf


Experimental Film Club (Edinburgh, UK) Meaningless Dance 18 and It’s Out of Our Hands, December 2017: pdf 


Urban Sonic Places, CRiSAP at LCC (London, UK) Horsing About, December 2017: pdf


Check-In Festival, Derby Theatre (Leicester, UK) This, December 2017: pdf


Creative Lab residency, CCA (Glasgow, UK) Sound Art Residency, December 2017: pdf


BE Festival 2018 (Birmingham, UK) Empty Gestures, December 2017: pdf


Acts Re-Acts 5, Wimbledon College of Art (London, UK) This, December 2017: pdf 


Now&After’18 (Moscow, Russia) It’s Out of Our Hands, December 2017: pdf


Launch Night, Clocked (Manchester, UK) Untitled Score for Two Performers, December 2017: pdf


Artist Bursaries, Jerwood Visual Arts (London, UK) Radio Play, December 2017: pdf


UK Young Artists (Nottingham, UK) Only Losers Left Alive, November 2017: pdfs here and here.


Hidden Door 2018 (Edinburgh, UK) This, November 2017: pdf


Artist in Residence 2018, The Centre for Philosophy and Visual Arts and Kunsthuis SYB (London, UK and the Netherlands) This, November 2017: pdf


dx Choreography Award, DanceXchange (Birmingham, UK) This, November 2017: pdf


Anatomy 16, Summerhall (Edinburgh, UK) Five-a-Day, October 2017: pdf


Live 7, Camden People’s Theatre (London, UK) This, October 2017: pdf


Scribble Pie, The Others (London, UK) Five-a-Day, October 2017: pdf


Work Processing, Chisenhale Dance Space (London, UK) This, October 2017: pdf


In Good Company Scratch, Derby Theatre (Derby, UK) This, October 2017: pdf


A6 Books, London Centre for Book Arts (London, UK) Pocket Book, September 2017: pdf


Group show, Grand Union (Birmingham, UK) September 2017: pdf


The FLAMIN Fellowship, Film London (London, UK) The Orchestra, September 2017: pdf


Open Call for Sound & Radio Works, Radiophrenia (Glasgow, UK) The Chorus, September 2017: pdf


Photobook Fair, Impressions Gallery (Bradford, UK) Pocket Book, September 2017: pdf


FIRSTDRAFTS, Yard Theatre (London, UK) Dance, Dance Revolution, September 2017: pdf


isthisit? (London, UK) The Rules of the Game, August 2017: pdf


MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO, Centro de Cultura Digital (Mexico City, Mexico) It’s Out of Our Hands, and Finding the Frame, August 2017: pdfs here and here


Aerowaves (EU) Some Possibilities, August 2017: pdf

Queer Art(ists) Now, And What? Festival (London, UK) Some Things, August 2017: pdf


Emergency, Z-Arts (Manchester, UK) Pointing the Finger, July 2017: pdf


Artist Film Festival IV, Bomb Factory (London, UK) It’s Out Of Our Hands, July 2017: pdf


Tenderpixel (London, UK) It’s Out Of Our Hands, July 2017: pdf


Tag Team Open Call (Bergen, Norway) Better Out Than In, July 2017: pdf


UK Young Artists, Seojung Art Centre, and Superior Gallery (Seoul, South Korea) Floorplan, July 2017: pdf

Residency, PACT Zollverein (Essen, Germany) This, July 2017: pdf


DISKURS Festival (Giessen, Germany) The Chorus, July 2017: pdf


ExperiMentor, New Art Exchange (Nottingham, UK) June 2017: pdf


Stanley Picker Fellowship, Stanley Picker Gallery (Kingston, UK) This, June 2017: pdf


Open Choreography residency, Siobhan Davies Dance (London, UK) Plus One, June 2017: pdf


Curatorial Open 2017, Lewisham Art House (London, UK) Monkey Business, June 2017: pdf


Scratch Off The Page, Object Book (London, UK) Untitled Score for Two Performers, May 2017: pdf


Wake: The Risings, ]performance s p a c e [ (Folkstone, UK) Pointing the Finger, May 2017: pdf


Venice Agendas 2017: The Contract, Venice Agendas (Margate / Folkestone, UK) Rolling Contracts, May 2017: pdf


In Good Company Scratch, Derby Theatre (Derby, UK) RP, May 2017: pdf


3-Phase, Jerwood Charitable Foundation, Eastside Projects & WORKPLACE (London, Birmingham & Gateshead, UK) This, May 2017: pdf


dx Choreography Award 2017, danceXchange (Birmingham, UK) This, May 2017: pdf


Hidden Lines of Space (Berlin, Germany) Floorplan, May 2017: pdf


Underneath The Floorboards (London, UK) Finding the Frame, April 2017: pdf


DataAche, DRHA2017, University of Plymouth (Plymouth, UK) RP and Empty Gestures, April 2017: pdf


Residency, Summer Lodge (Nottingham, UK) Just One Thing on Top of Another, April 2017: pdf


Au Brana Creative Development Residency (Gers, France) Plus One/Residency, April 2017: pdf


Font Fest (Nottingham, UK) Plus One, April 2017: pdfay


Flare Festival (Manchester, UK) Some Possibilities, March 2017: pdf


DIY 14, LADA (London, UK) Wasting Time, March 2017: pdf


Breakthrough, Curve Theatre (Leicester, UK) RP, February 2017: pdf


FLUX 4, Performance Platform (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) Empty Gestures, February 2017: pdf


Dialogues on Dance, Philosophy, and Performance, C-DaRE Coventry University (Coventry, UK) Some Possibilities, February 2017: pdf


Dreams Before Dawn, Bred in the Bone (Paris, France) Some Possibilities, February 2017: pdf


Us & Them #9, Tetrad Collective (Leicester, UK) RP, February 2017: pdf


Dance on the Radio (UK) Listen In (with Fionn Duffy), February 2017: pdf


Montag Mogus, Collegium Hungaricum Berline (Berlin, Germany) Some Possibilities, February 2017: pdf


Ground Work, Decoda (Coventry, UK) Open Platform, February 2017: pdf


Cube Development Week, Project Arts Centre (Dublin, Ireland) RP, January 2017: pdf


Twofold: the Particularities of Working in Pairs, Birkbeck Centre for Contemporary Theatre (London, UK) Conference paper, January 2017: pdf


Choreodrome, The Place (London, UK) Some Possibilities, January 2017: pdf


First Bite, China Plate Theatre (Midlands, UK) RP, January 2017: pdf


Residency, Low Stakes Festival (London, UK) RP, January 2017: pdf


Artistic Research Grant, L-EST/Eurpean Performing Arts and Transmedia Lab (Belfort, France) Attend, January 2017: pdf


Open Lab, Barbican (London, UK) RP, January 2017: pdf

Performing Arts Micro Bursaries, Jerwood Charitable Foundation (London, UK) RP, December 2016: pdf

Artists Bursaries, Jerwood Visual Arts (London, UK) Tempura Batter Handbook, December 2016: pdf


Production Residency, Greenwich Dance & Trinity Laban Partnership (London, UK) Lengths, December 2016: pdf


SET me free, VeNe (Venice, Italy) Finding the Frame, December 2016: pdf


CCA Creative Lab Residencies 2017/18, CCA (Glasgow, UK), What’s That?, December 2016: pdf


DEparture Lounge, Attenborough Arts Centre (Leicester, UK), A House Made of Cardboard and Tape, December 2016: pdf


DEparture Lounge, Attenborough Arts Centre (Leicester, UK), RP, December 2016: pdf


Residencies 2017, PACT Zollverein (Essen, Germany) December 2016: pdf


Residency, TOP SHED (Norfolk, UK) November 2016: pdf


Platform for Emerging Arts, Leyden Gallery (London, UK) November 2016: pdf


BE Festival (Birmingham, UK) Empty Gestures, November 2016: pdf


Acts Re-Acts 4, Wimbledon College of Arts (London, UK) What’s That?,  November 2016: pdf


Dance Weekend 2017, Performance Art Depot (Mainz, Germany) Some Possibilities, November 2016: pdf


Buzzcut 2017, Buzzcut (Glasgow, UK) Pointing the Finger, November 2016: pdf

Swallowsfeet Festival 2017, Swallowsfeet (Brighton, UK) Some Possibilities, November 2016: pdf

NOW’17, The Yard (London, UK) Empty Gestures, October 2016: pdf

EXPERIMENTICA, Chapter (Cardiff, UK) Empty Gestures, September 2016: pdf

OPENLAB Facilitator Call Out, OPENLAB (London, UK), September 2016: pdf

Choreographic commission, Third Row Dance (London, UK) Infinite Tango (with Samantha Pardes), August 2016: pdf

Resolution 2017, The Place (London, UK) Empty Gestures, August 2016: pdf

Just Off the Wall, Tripspace (London, UK) Testing the Water, August 2016: pdf

Dance Artist Mentorship Programme, Siobhan Davies Dance (London, UK) May 2016: pdf

EXHI[5]BITIONS, mingbeast@Rich Mix (London, UK) Empty Gestures, April 2016: pdf

Us and Them #6, Tetrad (Leicester, UK) Empty Gestures, April 2016: pdf

SPILL National Platform, SPILL Festival (Ipswich) This?, April 2016: pdf

Interdisciplinary Residency 2016, Hospitalfield Arts (Arbroath, UK), March 2016: pdf

Graduate Emerging Companies Programme, New Diorama Theatre (London, UK) March 2016: pdf

LIVE, Barrel Organ@Camden People’s Theatre (London, UK) Empty Gestures, March 2016: pdf

Open Call, Chalton Gallery (London, UK) A House Made of Cardboard and Tape, February 2016: pdf

Trip the Light 2016, Tripspace (London, UK) Partner Dance for One, February 2016: pdf

New Contemporaries (London, UK) Being Here or There, January 2016: pdf

International Conference on Artistic Research, Society for Artistic Research (The Hague, Netherlands), Digital Writing Group, January 2016: pdf

Pulse Festival, The New Wolsey Theatre (Ipswich, UK), Empty Gestures, January 2016: pdf

Triptychs, Café Ollo (Huddersfield, UK), Open/Close, December 2015: pdf

Acts Re-acts, Wimbledon College of Arts (London, UK), Empty Gestures, November 2015: pdf

Buzzcut 2016, Buzzcut (Glasgow, UK), In it or Out of it, November 2015: pdf

NOW’16, The Yard (London, UK), Empty Gestures, November 2015: pdf

Dance Springs Choreography platform – Changing Spaces, University of Hertfordshire (Hertfordshire, UK) Partner Dances for One, November 2015: pdf

Practice, Salisbury Arts Centre & ICIA University of Bath (Bath, UK) Partner Dances for One, October 2015: pdf

Open Call, Bargain Spot (Edinburgh, UK) Getting to Grips with Furniture, September 2015: pdf

Freshly Scratched, Battersea Arts Centre (London, UK) Partner Dances for One, September 2015: pdf

Calm Down Dear, Camden People’s Theatre (London, UK) Partner Dances for One, June 2015: pdf

New Studio (London, UK) Table Piece, February 2015: pdf

a.m. Call for Performance Artists, a.m. London (London, UK) Table Piece, December 2014: pdf

Forest Fringe , Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Edinburgh, UK) (I.F.P) Imaginary Festivals Project, March 2014: pdf

NOW’14, The Yard (London, UK) Attend, September 2013: pdf